Whoopi Goldberg Reacts to Claim She Wore Fat Suit in ‘Till’

Setting the record straight. Whoopi GoldbergResponded to a review claiming she wore a fat suit for her new movie Till.

“There was a young lady who writes for one of the magazines, and she was distracted by my fat suit in her review,” the 66-year-old EGOT winner said during the Monday, October 3, episode of The View. “I don’t really care how you felt about the movie, but you should know that was not a fat suit, that was me … I assume you don’t watch [The View], or you would know that was not a fat suit.”

She continued: “It’s OK to not be a fan of the movie, but you want to leave people’s looks out. You can just comment on the acting. Ask someone if you have any questions. I’m sure you didn’t mean to be demeaning.”

According to Entertainment WeeklyThe Color Purpleactress refers to a line in The Daily Beast’s review of the Emmet Till biopic, which has since been removed.

Goldberg plays Till’s grandmother Alma Carthan in the film, which tells the true story of the titular character’s 1955 murder. The project was discussed on The ViewThe Sister Act star urged audience members to not be deterred by the movie’s depictions of violence.

Whoopi Goldberg
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“If you’re watching Jeffrey Dahmer [Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story] … you’ve seen much more violence than you’ll see in this,” she said. “It’s an important film for families because if you are a mother, this could be your child. 67 years ago, this happened and we’re still in the midst of it.”

Comments about Goldberg’s appearance in Till came amid an ongoing conversation about actors wearing fat suits. Brendan FraserProsthetics were used to portray a 600-pound man. Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film The WhaleThis triggered some backlash.

“No matter how well a slim actor might portray a fat person in a dramatic role, they can still, at the end of the day, zip out of that fat suit and reap all the benefits of having a societally accepted body type. They can absorb the praise of being fat when it suits them, but can shed that skin at will,” Charlotte ColomboThe film was described via The Digital FixSeptember

Fraser and Aronofsky (both 53) defended the intentions The WhaleDuring an August conversation with Vanity Fair.

“I looked at other body suits that had been used in comedies over the years, usually for a one-note joke,” the MummyActor said. “Whether intended or not, the joke is, it defies gravity. This was Not that.”

The Black Swan director, for his part, told the outlet, “Unfortunately, so many characters portrayed in the media who are living with obesity are treated awfully — either they’re humiliated, made fun of, or just living in squalor. This was never true. [Fraser’s character] Charlie. Charlie is not all about obesity. After 10 minutes of spending time with Charlie, that’s the breakthrough that we hope the film has [for viewers].”

TillOn October 14th, it will be in theaters.