WHOA! Woman CHASES Man Out Of Target After He...

May 02, 2016May 02, 2016

Customers in a Yulee, Floria Target were startled last week when a man bolted from the store with a woman close on his heels screaming at customers to stop him.


According to News 4 Jax, Candice Spivey was approached two years ago by a man who started talking to her in a Publix store and asking her inappropriate questions about her body right in the presence of his two young kids. She immediately reported him, and the man, Jeffrey Polizzi, was banned from all Publix stores.

Just last week, Polizzi chose the wrong woman to approach and make suggestive remarks to while she was shopping in the Yulee Target's women's swimsuit section. When Spivey recognized him and started recording him with her smartphone camera, Polizzi bolted.

With the camera still recording, Spivey ran after him, screaming at other customers to stop him while she chased him out of the store and across the parking lot. In the video, which went viral over the weekend, Polizzi can be seen outrunning Spivey as she shouts a string of obscenities at him.

According to Spivey's Facebook page (Parental warning: Crude language and suggestive comments), Spivey contacted authorities and waited for Polizzi to return to the Target parking lot to retrieve his truck. A short while later, he did, leaping into his vehicle and taking off just as police arrived. After leading police on a chase, Spivey had to forcefully be pulled out of his truck at gunpoint before being arrested.

That's when Spivey learned Polizzi had previously been arrested for video voyeurism in women's fitting rooms. Target has come under fire from conservatives recently after it announced its policy that all customers and employees can use any restroom or fitting room that corresponds with their self-determined "gender identity" regardless of their biological sex. While Target's policy seeks to keep transgender individuals from feeling uncomfortable, conservatives have warned that it puts women and girls in much greater danger from perverts and sex offenders.