WHOA: Obama Has Spent 48 Days Of His Presidency Doing THIS Incredibly Important Task

May 31, 2016May 31, 2016

Obama’s presidency can be defined in many ways. It can be defined by his worldwide apology tour in which he panders to leaders of other countries by apologizing for past events in American history that he had no part in. 

Obama’s time in the oval office can also be defined by his systematic destruction of basic American values and his blatant overreach through his executive actions. According to the Washington Examiner, one thing that could define Obama’s presidency is his allegiance to the golf course.

When all 291 rounds of golf that Obama has played during his presidency are added up at approximately 4 hours per round, it accounts for roughly 48 days (24 hour periods). This does not account for the many publicly funded vacations that the taxpayers have treated him to.

Does a president have a stressful job? Absolutely. Does a president need time and a hobby to blow off some steam? Of course. But when a president has done as little for a country as Obama has done for America, it would seem that his priorities need to be focused elsewhere.

Do you think Obama’s golf obsession is excessive? Or is it a non-issue?