Who Wrote The Most Words In the New Testament? The Answer May Surprise You

March 03, 2016Mar 03, 2016

We believe that God divinely inspired men to write the Bible. But which human author did God have write the most in the New Testament?


According to GodIsForUs.com, Paul certainly wrote the most books with his 13 letters named after the audiences he was writing them to. John comes in second with five books.

But according to the Understanding the Books of the Bible blog, if you count the number of words written, Luke is actually the most prolific author of the New Testament. While Luke only wrote two books, Luke and Acts together are a larger work than Paul's 13 letters combined.

According to the Christian Courier, God gave the physician Luke the task of writing an intellectual gospel for a large Greek audience who deeply valued the study of humanity. In the book of Luke, Luke focused on Christ's perfection as a human as well as God.

God also gave Luke the job of writing early church history, including the spreading of the Gospel and the filling of the Holy Spirit to enable Christ's believers to preach and serve each other with boldness in the midst of persecution.