Who Would Trump's Top 3 VP Picks Be? And What 3 Characteristics Do They Share?

February 27, 2016Feb 27, 2016

Donald Trump has not even come close yet to winning the Republican Presidential nomination, but if he has a strong showing on Super Tuesday he may be on his way.


While it is too early to have a strong indication, here are 3 possible candidates for VP. Each of them has 3 characteristics:
1) They have not gotten into verbal wars with Trump.
2) They are Presidential candidates who are governors.
3) They could help deliver a key constituency to Trump.

So the 3 that are possible leading contenders would be:
1) Chris Christie. Christie, although having dropped out of the race after New Hampshire, is a tough New Jersey/New York area leader, like Donald. He could help deliver New Jersey, which has long been a strong Democratic stronghold, and he is a respected conservative.
2) John Kasich. John is the sole surviving governor in the race, and has a strong background in politics and finance. He could be a good balance to Donald and has not gotten into verbal wars with Trump. He could help deliver Ohio which is extremely important for anyone wanting to become President.
3) Mike Huckabee. Mike was supportive of Trump when Trump skipped the Fox debate, and his daughter just went to work for Trump's campaign. Mike could help deliver evangelical votes across the South, where evangelical voters might be skeptical of Trump alone.

It may be months before we know for sure; and given this year's surprises, it could be someone we aren't even thinking of — or Trump might not even win the nomination! So let's all stay tuned.