Who Won The Debate?

August 12, 2015Aug 12, 2015

As soon as the debate was over, the "spin doctors" for the candidates started trying to show how their candidate had done well.  (There were really two debates, counting the 7 candidates who didn't "make the cut" for the 10 person debate).

Who Came Out Ahead:  Carly Fiorina was the clear leader in the early 7 person debate.  Expect to see her on the main stage of the next debate. 

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, and John Kasich all made strong arguments and statements during the main debate.  Their polling numbers have all risen since the debate.

Who Lost Ground:  Jeb Bush and Scott Walker did nothing to wow the crowd or the Republican base.  Their numbers remain strong but have dipped.  Rand Paul also seems to have taken a step backward.  Chris Christie had low numbers before the debate and his tussle with Rand Paul didn’t help his image. 

The real losers of the first debate are the 6 candidates who had to share the stage with Carly Fiorina.  They were completely overshadowed and their campaigns are now on life support.  Since the debate, Rick Perry’s campaign has stopped paying their South Carolina staff, a sure sign that the end is near.

What About the Donald?  Donald Trump has suffered slightly since the debate, but is still leading in all of the polls.  He damaged his brand but not severely.

Who do you think won the debate?  Whose campaign was hurt the most?