Who is Tim Tebow Taking to the Prom?

February 12, 2016Feb 12, 2016

Tim Tebow is headed to the prom this Friday night — but it is a very special event!

Called "A Night to Shine", Tim and his foundation are helping to sponsor a very special night out — for 30,000 people!

Those people are all people with special needs who are ages 16 and older, and they are being treated to a very special prom night out. This is sponsored in partnership with hundreds of churches and thousands of volunteers; and it is a wonderful night out!


As the pastor of one sponsoring church described to WFLA.com, "We're going to take them around in a limo drive, give them a red carpet experience, we're going to take their pictures like paparazzi, we'll have a DJ, we really want them to feel like kings and queens."

Interestingly enough, last year's Prom event for those with special needs was Tim's first prom event! He was home schooled through high school (and just connected with a local high school to play football).

Way to go, Tim! There should be more people like you who think of others and not just themselves.