Who is the Tallest Republican Candidate?

December 16, 2015Dec 16, 2015

And how does that compare with our current and past Presidents?

Who is the tallest of our current Republican Presidential candidates? And what order are they in height?

We all have seen the polls, which rank the candidates by their public popularity. Currently Donald Trump is first, followed by Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and then others.

But in height? The tallest Republican candidate is Jeb Bush, at 6' 3".

The second highest? Jeb Bush's very successful opponent, Donald Trump at 6' 2".

To compare with past presidents, here is how tall they stood.
Barack Obama is 6' 1".
George Bush is 6' 0".
Bill Clinton is 6' 2".
George H. W. Bush is 6' 2".
Ronald Reagan was 6' 1".

So how tall will our next President be? We will know next November!