Who Does Prince George Look Like? See Pictures of His Famous Relatives at His Age

July 24, 2018Jul 24, 2018

Prince George turned five on July 22. The future King of England is growing into quite the big boy. As he grows up, people are starting to wonder which of his famous relatives he resembles the most. 

PEOPLE put Prince George's fifth birthday portrait alongside pictures of his mother, father, uncle Harry, and grandma. In the pictures, they're all also five years old. 

The first photo shows Prince George next to his father, Prince William. Both little boys are adorable, but Prince George has a much bigger smile—in this photo at least. 

The second photo shows Prince George alongside his royal mama, Duchess Kate. People think he resembles his mom the most. He seems to share her nose and mouth especially. 

The third photo shows Prince George side-by-side with is uncle Prince Harry. He doesn't seem to resemble the younger son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles all that much. They might have the same ears. 

The last photo shows Prince George next to his grandma, Princess Diana, when she was five-years-old. 

Who do you think he looks like the most? In other news, a supermodel just announced her engagement. People are trying to ruin her happiness because they're angry she'll be marrying into the Trump family.