Who Does Donald Trump Attack in His First TV Ad?

January 04, 2016Jan 04, 2016

Donald Trump is a self-funded billionaire candidate. And yet, ironically, he has not had to spend any money yet on TV ads because he has been the focus of so much media publicity. Not all of it has been favorable, but it has still enabled him to rise to the top of most polls nationwide.

Now he has created his first TV ad, which will start running soon probably in key primary states including Iowa and New Hampshire. Donald is well known for taking swings at various other candidates and groups, so who is the primary target of his new ad?

Is the target Hillary Clinton? Is it Marco Rubio? Is it Jeb Bush? Is it Ted Cruz? Is it President Obama?

Interestingly enough, the primary target of Donald's new ad doesn't seem to be any of these -- it is ISIS! ISIS is the terror group that is wreaking havoc in the middle East, and Trump focuses on them and on the threat they are to America and the world.

He also does mention Hillary, who Donald has tied to our administration's failed policies that have helped ISIS arise. So for his first commercial, Donald Trump focuses on the threat facing America.