Who Is Ginger Luckey, Controversial Florida Republican Matt Gaetz’s Wife

Who is this? Matt Gaetz’sFrau Ginger Luckey? The Florida Republican is currently battling sex trafficking allegations, but he’s also celebrating his newlywed status with the Southern California native. How did the controversial politician meet his wife and why was their wedding so surprising? We’ve got the answers below. 

How Did Matt Gaetz And Ginger Luckey Meet?

According to PageSix, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz met Ginger Luckey at former president Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club in March 2020. They were both there to attend a political fundraiser. Ginger told the Daily Mail that her mother had “dragged” her to the event and though she was hesitant to say exactly when the event took place, she did note that Gaetz invited her to Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle’s birthday party the next night. 

Since Guilfoyle’s birthday is on March 9, we can assume the couple met during the March 8 fundraiser the former president held. Gaetz asked Ginger to marry her in December 2020 while they sat on an outdoor patio at the Palm Beach club. Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro was on hand and took a photo of the happy couple, which she shared to her Twitter page.  

Though their wedding date was initially set for some time in August of 2022, Ginger and Gaetz apparently decided they didn’t want to wait that long to become husband and wife. They were married in a secret, intimate ceremonyon the picturesque Catalina Islands in August 21st, 2021. The ceremony was attended by 40 people. Sergio Gor, a former staffer of Senator Rand Paul, officiated.

What does Ginger do?

Ginger Luckey works for Apeel, a company based in California that describes its work as a business that “works with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all.” The 26-year-old’s position with the company, according to her Linkedin page, via The Sun, is an Analyst and Sales Operations & Enablement lead. Although Ginger keeps a fairly low profile, she’s got some pretty big-name familial connections. Her brother is Palmer Luckey who sold Oculus VR to Facebook recently for a cool $2Billion. 

Gaetz and Ginger spent a lot of time together throughout their relationship. Ginger worked remotely so she could travel with Gaetz everywhere he went. She told the Daily Mail, “My company went totally remote in March so I can do my financial analytics from anywhere.” She added, “So I have been traveling with him everywhere. I am his travel buddy.”

Gaetz is facing accusations that he was involved in an affair with the woman they are now starting a new life together. an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old girl. Gaetz is accused of sex traficking for allegedly paying for the teenager’s crossing of state lines to provide him with sex. These allegations have been denied multiple times by Gaetz.

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