Who Is Erin Morrow Hawley, Senator Josh Hawley’s Wife

Missouri Senator Josh HawleyHe is well-known for his strong opinions that make headlines every time they speak publicly. Many know his political views, but few know his wife, a lawyer. Erin Morrow Hawley

Erin has impressive credentials. She is currently a senior legal fellow at Independent Women’s Law Center and was previously employed at the University of Missouri as an Associate Professor of Law. She taught constitutional litigation, federal income taxes, tax policy, agricultural law at Mizzou.

She has also worked in DC for two top law firms. She was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts Jr. as well as at the Department of Justice, where she was counsel to Attorney General Michael Mukasey. 

The Hawley’s Family Podcast

The couple were married in 2010 and have three children: Elijah and Blaise. They also have a career and raise their children. the pair have a podcastIn which they discuss their lives. This Is Living was announced by Senator Hawley in October 2021 in a tweet: “Erin and I are delighted to share our new podcast – about our family, our faith, and the things that matter most in life. It’s called This Is Living. Hope you’ll join us.” 

In an interview with Fox News about their new project, the couple talked about their own marriage and how they balance work and family — even though Erin said “you can’t really balance your children.” 

The podcast is “about our story and our adventure,” Erin said. “It’s about being intentional in marriage and how to raise kids and have that so-called balanced life with career and children and all those sorts of things.” 

When discussing how they each navigate the idea of work-life balance, Erin said of her husband, “One nice thing that Josh does is he’s almost always home for dinner. He does a lot of TV, a lot of interviews, has a lot of commitments and speaking engagements, and the like, but he’s almost always able to be home for at least a late dinner and then to help put the boys to bed. He has this really sweet routine where he prays with them and reads to them.”

Erin is also an author, publishing Living Beloved: Lessons from My Little Ones about the Heart of God2018. In 2018, she also wrote personal essays for websites like Fox News. Her essays have been published in scholarly journals such as The National Law JournalAnd The Washington Examiner. Erin is capable of doing it all: legal work, podcasting, writing, raising her children. 

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