Who Is Dave Bautista’s Ex-Wife, Angie?

Dave Bautista is a big guy who’s been in the spotlight for a long time—first as a mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, then as a big box-office action star. Dave was married for many years to Angie Bautista. She was his second wife and was there during his rise with the World Wrestling Federation. Although they split in 2006, they have been close friends ever since and support each other through the tough times. Here’s the inside scoop on Dave Bautista’s ex-wife and the relationship he has with her.

Dave and Angie were together for eight years

Angie is not Bautista’s first (or last) wife. Glenda Bautista Baker was Glenda’s first wife in 1990 when the WWF champ got married to her. according to her Facebook page). Glenda and Dave had two children together, Keilani, and Athena. They divorced in 1998. Bautista married Sarah Jade, a competitive pole dancer, in 2015. They divorced in early 2019 and had no children together.

Sandwiched between those two marriages was Angie, who was Dave’s better half from 1998 until 2006. Angie, Dave’s better half from 1998 to 2006, was tucked between the two marriages. They had one child together, Oliver. Oliver was born shortly after Angie and Dave decided to end their relationship in 2006. Dave claims that Dave’s career ambitions and desire for wrestling over family caused the breakup of their marriage. “[Angie] wanted a husband who was going to be home, and I was like, ‘Make a choice,’” he explained in a 2021 interview with Men’s Health. “And sometimes it’s hard for me to say, but admittedly, I chose my career, because it was the only shot I had.”

The Dave Bautista Campaign Against Cancer


Despite their split Angie and Dave remain close to each other. In addition to the fact that they share a child, the couple also went through an incredibly difficult and traumatic time together during their marriage—one that has clearly bonded them or life. Angie was diagnosed in 2002 with ovarian cancer. Dave and Angie were both very active and fit and this news was a shock to them both.

“If there is one thing I could say to women about ovarian cancer, it is this: Cancer doesn’t look like one thing,” she said in an interview with the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA). “People think that people with cancer look a certain way, but cancer can affect someone who appears perfectly physically fit.”

Dave was by his wife’s side during all of her grueling treatments and eventually, her cancer went into remission. “I’ve been blessed with a terrific support system,” Angie told the OCRA. “Dave and I have a great relationship – I couldn’t have gotten this far without him.”

Dave supported his ex-wife even after their divorce. In 2010, he launched the Dave Bautista vs Cancer Campaign, a video created in collaboration with one of Bautista’s pals, Jimmy Noonan, who’s the former Head of Security for World Wrestling Entertainment. This video was made in memory of Angie. It is intended to educate and raise awareness about ovarian Cancer.

“I made this for my wife,” Dave explained in a 2010 interview with Wrestling Inc. “I’ve watched her suffer for years and go through this treatment. Anybody who knows that if you’ve had a loved one that you’ve watched go through treatment for cancer, they’re fighting for their life.”

The DuneStar added that making the film was also a way for his ex to feel useful, and to help him. “I’m a fighter,” he said. “It kills me to not fight something. So I tried to think of a way I could help. That’s what I did. We are putting up this fight for everyone who’s got cancer. I want people get involved, to give and to donate whatever they can. It doesn’t matter. There’s no such thing as a donation that’s too small. We want everyone to be in this fight. This is the best I could do to really help Angie and show that I was in the fight with her.”

This is such a sweet story!