Who Are Michael Bolton’s Daughters? All About Taryn, Holly, and Isa

Michael Bolton has been wooing fans for almost 40 years with his catchy songs and heartfelt lyrics. During his decades of success, the “Go the Distance” singer also raised three kids—Isa Bolton, Taryn Bolton, and Holly Bolton. Now fully grown, these three women continue to make their multi-platinum-selling, Grammy Award-winning dad very proud. Here’s what we know about Michael Bolton’s daughters.

All About Holly, Taryn, and Isa Bolton

(Left to Right: Isa Holly Taryn/Facebook

Michael Bolton has been romantically linked to a number of celebrities over the years, including former fiancé Nicollette Sheridan. What many people may not be aware of is that the pop singer was married to Maureen McGuire in 1975-1990. While the union ultimately did not last, it did produce three daughters—Isa Bolton, Holly Bolton, and Taryn Bolton.

All three of Bolton’s daughters were born before the pop star hit it big when he was still a young musician struggling to make ends meet. “I was 27, I had three daughters,” the singer recalled in a 2019 interview with Billboard magazine. “I know that I couldn’t let the kids know how bad it was. My wife knew. The hardest of times never leaves you and it’s amazing how close to the surface it is.”

Bolton also admitted that he had children at an early age which forced him to mature emotionally. “Guys in their 20s don’t have a clue who they are as human beings,” he said in a 2019 interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. “They know what they want to become—a doctor, a lawyer, a politician—but the proper study of one’s own self? Men don’t get around to that until their 30s or 40s, which is roughly 10 years later than most women, who seem to know exactly who they are. You realize how important it is to have a family. Your kids are the center of your life. They become the most important thing.”

Although their exact dates of conception are not known, the Bolton sisters are very close in age (some sources report they’re each two years apart). According to the Hartford Courant,They were in their 20s in 2004. This would put them in their 40s today.

The Bolton sisters aren’t celebrities like their dad and very little is known about their private lives. Isa Bolton is their eldest child. according to her Instagram bio, runs a women’s boutique and consignment shop. She’s also a mom who frequently posts pictures of her two sons.

Holly, Michael Bolton’s second child, is also a proud mom who loves to show off her sons on social media. Taryn is the youngest Bolton. who we know has an 11-year-old daughter.

He’s A Proud Granddaddy

We know a little bit more about Bolton’s grandchildren, as he loves to post pictures of them on Instagram and he spoke of them publicly in a 2019 interview with People. “It’s just such a great source of joy, looking in their eyes,” the “When a Man Loves a Woman’ singer said. When he welcomed his first grandchild into the world back in 2010, Bolton said, “A profound and indescribable joy has been delivered to my heart and to our entire family.”