White Supremacist's Announce Their Next Major Move After the Weekend's Violence, and It's Deplorable

August 13, 2017Aug 13, 2017

Hours after the hate filled event in Charlottesville, which left three dead and more than a dozen injured, the nation is now learning about the future plans of white supremacist groups. According to reports, a “White Lives Matter” rally has just been scheduled.

The rally will take place on September 11, 2017. It is set to be held at Texas A&M University. 

According to the Washington Post, Preston Wiginton, the event organizer, confirmed on Sunday that the infamous Richard B. Spencer will headline the event. Spencer is a white supremacist who rose to fame for his views on President Trump in 2016. The announcement has stirred a lot of mixed emotions across the nation.

"The event will be to protest the liberal anti-white agenda which includes white guilt which leads to white genocide," Wiginton told The Battalion, Texas A&M's student newspaper. "And the other purpose of the event will be to sponsor white identity and white pride in which white lives do matter. This is not an anti-brown event or anti-black event, this is an anti-liberal event."

The executive vice president of marketing and communications at the University also spoke out about the event. She said the views expressed by Spencer, and those who support the rally, are contrary to everything Texas A&M believes.

"His views and those of the group he represents are counter to the core values of Texas A&M," Smith told The Battalion. "While he has the right of free speech, so too do we have the right to refute those views and get on with the daily business of a world class university."

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Please continue to pray for our nation and for the many lives affected by the recent tragedy in Charlottesville. Thank you!