White Students At This MAJOR University Are Being Singled Out For Re-Education

April 15, 2016Apr 15, 2016

There is a new racist trend sweeping the nation and it is catching fire on college campuses.  It is the promotion of the idea of “white privilege,” the dangerous and false notion that white people are gifted everything in life and have it easier because of the color of their skin.

The latest institution of “higher learning” to attack white students for their skin color and attempt to bring back segregation is the University of Wisconsin - Madison. According to the Daily Caller, the school hosted a workshop called “The Privilege of Whiteness.”

The race-baiting workshop was designed specifically to shame white people.  The university’s website said the workshop was meant for white students to “reflect on and name the ways their privilege impacts their beliefs and behaviors by gaining the skills to identify the historical roots of white privilege and how it manifests today.”

Needless to say, white privilege does not exist.  Yet the future generations are being taught to be ashamed of who they are. Furthermore, students are being singled out by race.  Everything that Martin Luther King fought so hard for is now being torn down and perverted.