Trump, White House Slammed for Controversial Action Just Hours After John McCain's Passing

August 27, 2018Aug 27, 2018

Senator John McCain passed away Saturday evening after a long battle with brain cancer. It was recently reported that he would no longer be continuing treatment to combat the disease.

Even with that news, many were shocked at his passing. Tributes and prayers poured in across the nation and the world for the former Presidential candidate and war hero.

On Sunday, the White House lowered the flag to half-staff. However, the White House flag was raised to full-mast on Monday, less than 48 hours after McCain's passing.

The move is highly controversial. Flags around the country are still flying at half-staff to honor McCain. It is tradition to leave the flag at half-staff until the funeral takes place.

The White House and President Trump were brutally slammed on social media. Many people, including Republicans, feel the move is extremely disrespectful to a man who devoted so much of his life to our nation.

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