White House on Russia Collusion: ‘Clinton Campaign is Glad’

October 28, 2017Oct 28, 2017

President Donald Trump was consistently accused of colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential election against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. However, a bombshell report released by the Washington Post days ago revealed an unexpected turn.

It was confirmed that the Clinton campaign was actually the one who was involved in the Russian collusion. As reported earlier, “the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped to fund research for what resulted in the dossier containing supposedly harmful information about President Trump's connections to Russia.”

On Saturday morning, the White House responded to these newly released reports.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested that the Clinton campaign was “glad” that they colluded with Russia during last year’s election. Her remark was based off of earlier comments made by Brian Fallon, a former Clinton campaign spokesperson.


According to the Washington Examiner, Fallon said, "Marc [Elias] is known as one of the most skilled professionals in Democratic politics, in addition to being the party's top election lawyer. I am damn glad he pursued this on behalf of our campaign and only regret more of this material was not verified in time for the voters to learn it before the election."

On Friday, President Trump also shared a video titled, “How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia.” The post reiterates that Clinton seeking out information against Trump indeed came from Russian sources.


This news comes shortly after it was announced that the first charges in the Russian probe have been filed from Mueller’s investigation.

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