White House on Lockdown After Alarming Security Incident

February 23, 2018Feb 23, 2018

Reports are breaking that a car has breached security near the White House. Apparently, according to Fox News, a vehicle struck a security barrier near the White House on Friday afternoon at around 3:30 p.m.


After crashing into a security barrier, the driver was quickly and immediately apprehended. The agency claims that the vehicle did not breach the security barrier of the White House complex. 

During the time of this alarming security incident, President Trump was holding a news conference with Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. According to USA Today, neither President Trump nor the Prime Minister of Australia was in any danger during the security breach. 

The vehicle struck a barrier at 17th Street NW and E Street NW. Reports are claiming that a woman was driving the car, and there hasn't yet been any word of anybody being inside of the car with her during the time of the incident. 

According to USA Today, the Secret Service issued a number of tweets about the unfolding story. 





CNN reports that the Secret Service has identified the person who breached security. They claim that this person, who hasn't been named to the public, is known to the Secret Service and is believed to have mental health issues. It is not believed that she was trying to intentionally target President Trump. 

This has been the site of previous incidents, such as an episode in 2016 when a man with a gun approached security and was shot by agents. 

There were no shots fired in the incident today.

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