White House Officially Responds to Rumors About President Trump's 'Heart Disease'

January 17, 2018Jan 17, 2018

Last week, President Trump was given an official medical examination in order to determine the state of his health. On Tuesday, Dr. Ronny Jackson, the official White House physician, revealed the results during the WH press briefing. 

Dr. Jackson, who has been the White House physician for the past 12 years and worked with the past four presidents, said that President Trump is in perfectly good health. He said that there are no signs of potential disease and that while he is encouraging the president to be consistent with his diet, no one should have any concern. 

Contrary to those reports, CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta claimed on Wednesday that President Trump actually has a common heart disease. He said that the president's calcium score was an indicator that he would develop CAD within the next 3-5 years. 

Ever since Dr. Gupta made his claims, the media has been going wild with the story. Reports are emerging claiming that President Trump does have a heart disease and that Dr. Jackson had tried to hide that fact. 

Now, however, the White House has released a statement regarding the claims. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to the following question in the WH press briefing:

"There have been some suggestions in the media today that the President does, in fact, suffer from heart disease and his weight is larger than was indicated yesterday. Does the White House stand by Dr. Jackson’s report?”

Sanders responded, “Absolutely. Dr. Jackson has been a White House physician for the last 12 years, trusted by Presidents Bush president Obama and now, President Trump. He is the only doctor that has weighed in on this matter that has actually examined the president."

"So, I think a doctor that has spent the amount of time with the president as Dr. Jackson has is not only the most qualified but the only credible source when it comes to diagnosing any health concerns," she continued. "We support what he said yesterday 100%- that the president is in excellent health. And I think [Dr. Jackson] exhausted just about every question that you guys had and showed that he’s in pretty good health too to stand up here for an hour and take questions.”

At this point, it appears that President Trump is in good health and has nothing to worry about! What do you think about this? Had you heard about his supposed 'heart disease' earlier today? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, a reality star beat a 3% survival chance. She's now cancer-free and giving the glory to God!

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