White House Makes Major Announcement After Former Employee Omarosa's Recent Rampage

August 13, 2018Aug 13, 2018

Former White House aide and reality television star Omarosa Manigault Newman made national headlines last year following her unexpected White House departure. Since she left President Donald Trump’s administration, Omarosa has blasted Trump’s cabinet continuously in media appearances.

Additionally, the ex-employee of the President wrote a book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House," accounting for her anti-Trump experiences at the White House. The book is set to be released on Tuesday, August 14th.

In her efforts to promote book sales, Omarosa released two audio recordings ahead of the release date. The first audio recording (below) was released over the weekend and displays her private conversation with Chief of Staff John Kelly — the man who fired her — in the high-security Situation Room.

Omarosa claimed Kelly “threatened” her, which doesn’t appear to be the case in the recording she provided. Kelly did warn Omarosa that some of her actions could potentially be a “serious offense” if the White House decided to pursue legal action against her; however, his goal was to have her exit be a “friendly departure.” The recording does not specify what Omarosa’s actions were.

The second audio recording (below) was released early Monday morning. This recording showcases a personal phone call from President Trump, revealing that he had no idea about Omarosa’s firing until public media reports.

In wake of Omarosa’s recent rampage against the President and his administration, the White House made a major announcement. According to Fox, legal options are being explored.

Watch the Fox News video below for more information on this story:

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