White House Intern Accused of Flashing 'White Power Sign' in Picture with POTUS

December 29, 2017Dec 29, 2017

The internet has blew up on Thursday when the Daily Mail published an article accusing former White House intern Jack Breuer of holding up a "white power" sign during a group photo with President Trump and other interns.

In the photo, taken in the East Room in November, Breuer didn't make a thumbs-up like the other interns. Instead, he gave an "OK" sign.

"The gesture is said to depict the letter 'W' with the outstretched middle, ring and little fingers, and a 'P' with the circle made by the thumb and forefinger stretching down to the wrist. Together 'WP' stands for White Power," explained the Daily Mail article. 

"Context is everything," one fellow intern told the Daily Mail. "Jack is pictured with President Trump, one of the most controversial leaders we've had."

They continued, "It is a distinct symbol known in alt-right circles and what makes it worse is that he is doing it in the East Room just below the portrait of George Washington."

Today, Breuer came to his own defense, issuing a statement to explain the misunderstanding. He told The Daily Caller that he simply intended to mimic President Trump's frequent use of the "OK" hand gesture.

Breuer also created a Twitter account early Friday morning to counteract the rumors. He released the following statement, emphasizing his Jewish heritage.

“In some of our intern pictures, I emulated the OK sign the President sometimes makes. That was foolish. I should have listened more closely to the Commander-in-Chief and given the thumbs up,” said Breuer.


He added, “I’m proud of my Jewish heritage and strongly reject the hateful views associated with racist white power organizations. I would never make common cause with them.”


What a lot of fuss about a simple mistake! Do you think Breuer was just being innocent? In other news, sadly a bestselling novelist passed away today. 


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