White House Gives Update on Little Sophia After Surgery

January 27, 2018Jan 27, 2018

Days ago, a 9-year-old girl named Sophia Peters reached out to leaders across the globe for prayer as she prepared for brain surgery. Sophia, who has had several surgeries in the past, suffers from a rare disease that triggers constant strokes, according to KHOU.

In a recent press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to Sophia’s prayer request. She told the public that Sophia’s family is sharing their story “so [people] could hear a true testament to God’s grace and His glory revealed.”

She also delivered a powerful word from the President himself, “Here at the White House, [President Trump] told me to tell you to keep fighting, never give up, and never lose faith in God. With Him, all things are possible.”

Friday, January 26th was little Sophia’s surgery date. As people around the world were praying for the child, they were eager to find out how the surgery went.

Sanders later gave an update from the White House, “Our team spoke to her mom post surgery and it went great and Sophia is in recovery now.”


Please continue to pray for this young girl as she recovers from surgery. May God deliver complete healing to her body!

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