White House Breaks Up Child Cancer Vigil, Secret Service Issues THIS Statement

September 21, 2015Sep 21, 2015

CureFest, a two-day event for children suffering from cancer was put on hold this weekend as they were forced to leave the park where the event was being held.


According to Fox News, the Secret Service ordered hundreds of cancer stricken kids and supporters out of Lafayette Square on Saturday night just as the vigil was about to begin.

The reason for shutting down this harmless event?  Security.  President Obama was leaving the White House to attend the Congressional Black Caucus Awards Dinner where he was to give a speech.

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said that their actions were part of the standard operating procedure taken anytime the President leaves the White House.  They shut down the areas in the vicinity of the White House.

According to Inquisitr, the shutdown lasted for more than two hours, causing some of the kids to give up and go back to their hotel rooms.  During the closure they were not allowed to retrieve their items that they were forced to leave behind when ejected from the park.

Natasha Gould, an 11 year old with inoperable brain cancer was angry and under duress, “To be clear, the entire crowd was half kids.  I cried last night in my hotel room because it was my first CureFest, and I couldn’t believe people were acting like they don’t care about children.  We ended up waiting at the gates for two hours, and they never let us in.”

The Secret Service did make a half hearted attempt at an apology for displacing the sick children.  Spokesman Brian Leary issued this statement: “The Secret Service would like to express its regret for not communicating more effectively with this group concerning the timeline for protected movements in the vicinity of Lafayette Park”

Since Obama has been handing out invitations recently to visit the White House, I hope each of these brave children get an invitation.