White House Attempts To Cover Up Shocking Videos Showing Democratic Corruption And Election Fraud

October 19, 2016Oct 19, 2016

On Wednesday the White House was forced to acknowledge the undercover videos from Project Veritas that show major corruption and election fraud in the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The White House was dragged into the scandal when it was revealed that one of the men in the undercover videos, Bob Creamer, had visited the White House 342 times and personally met with Obama 47 times. Creamer is a convicted felon who headed Democracy Partners before resigning after the videos revealed his hand in helping to rig the election.


White House spokesman Josh Earnest did all he could to protect Obama from scrutiny. According to Breitbart, Earnest was asked about the President’s relationship with Creamer. “I’m not sure that I can describe it,” Earnest said, “Because I’m not sure there is much of one.”

In addition to pretending that being invited to the White House 342 times does not amount to a very personal relationship, Earnest also tried to cover up what was captured on video. Earnest said that the videos should be watched “not just with a grain of salt but maybe even a whole package of salt,” and that “despite what the name might suggest, these videos have not often revealed the truth.”

While Earnest and the White House feign ignorance and try to attack the messenger who recorded the blatant corruption, the operatives in the videos were forced out or resigned from their positions. 

If the videos are false as Earnest suggested, then why would those who were caught on video resign from their positions?