Whistleblowers Reveal Secret IRS Policies That Could Impact Millions Of People

November 07, 2015Nov 07, 2015

Two whistleblowers are exposing the IRS for engaging in alarming and potentially criminal activity.  According to WTHR 13 in Indianapolis, two former IRS agents are breaking their silence about the agency’s identity theft policies.


When asked why they were speaking out against the IRS, one of the whistleblowers said, “Because I love my country.  And I just can’t do this no more.  It’s not right.”

The five-month investigation by WTHR 13, revealed that the IRS issues tax refunds even if the documents show clear warning signs of identity theft.  That means that even though the paperwork is highly suspicious, the agency sends the refund with no questions asked.

Unfortunately that is not the most egregious actions that the IRS has taken.  According to the investigation, the IRS allows illegal immigrants to “borrow” social security numbers that do not belong to them.  Due to IRS policy, their employees are not allowed to notify the taxpayer that their social security number is being hijacked by someone else.

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