Which Celebrities Will We Lose If Trump Is Elected?

January 23, 2016Jan 23, 2016

According to Fox News, we are endanger of losing Whoopi Goldberg if Trump gets elected. "The View" cohost says she is planning to leave the U.S. if Trump wins the presidency. She says Trump's America would no longer be her America.


Which other celebrities could we be rid of — I mean, lose — if Trump becomes president?

According to The Wrap, Cher will move to, of all places, Jupiter. The announcement was made in Twitter, and she did not elaborate how she plans to start a human colony on a gaseous planet.

According to Right Wing News, other celebrities considering fleeing over the border include Rosie O'Donnell, Eddie Griffin, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jon Stewart.

But it's not just celebrities who want to move. According to The Shark Tank, the population of Mexico will rise by 75,000 as the same number of people leave the U.S. The announcement was made by Twitter users and also included thousands more who plan to escape to Canada and Britain. Interestingly enough, another location 7,300 Twitter users vowed to move to flee President of the United States Donald Trump? Alaska and Hawaii.

Of course, when Bush was elected, we did not see the mass departure of liberals that we were promised.