Which Bible Verse Did Kathie Lee Gifford Share On First Valentine's Without Frank?

February 16, 2016Feb 16, 2016

Actress and TV hostess Kathie Lee Gifford lost the love of her life, sports commentator Frank Gifford, late last year. It was a devastating blow, and it will take years for memories to heal. Those who have lost loved ones can understand that anniversaries and holidays can be the toughest times as you reflect on those special days in years past. Kathie and Frank were married for nearly 30 years, and the grief is deep, yet Kathie has not lost her focus on the One who can truly comfort her in times of sorrow.

On her first Valentine's Day without Frank, Kathie posted this verse on her Facebook page:


Kathie reminds us that in the midst of heartache we can still worship the Lord, acknowledge His power over all creation, and be assured that He watches over us and shepherds us through life's dark valleys.

Please pray for Kathie and others who are grieving, that they look to the one Shepherd who can lead us back into the light.