Where Will Hurricane Maria Hit?

September 19, 2017Sep 19, 2017

Hurricane Maria is fluctuating between a Category 4 and a Category 5 storm, as it tears through the Carribean islands that had already been ravaged by Hurricane Irma. The storm already made land in Dominica and Puerto Rico braces for impact tomorrow. 

Florida, which is also still trying to recover from the effects of Hurricane Irma, nervously eyes the storm. Will it hit the state? Right now, forecasters say no. 

USA Today reported that according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Rob Miller, Maria appears to be "poised to spin north before it can reach the U.S. East Coast."

A map from the National Hurricane Center seems to say the same thing. however, it's too early to tell with any certainty. If Hurricane Maria were to hit the U.S., it wouldn't hit until early next week.

"We do look at a wide range of computer models and solutions," said Miler. "It seems at this point that most likely track for Maria would be similar to Jose, staying off the coast but maybe close enough to clip the Outer Banks, maybe New England." with wind and rain.

If Hurricane Maria did "clip" New England, it wouldn't be slated to do too much damage. It would only hit the outer banks with wind and rain.

New England is still awaiting impact from Hurricane Jose. As of Tuesday Morning, the Category 1 hurricane had 75-mph sustained winds, which was "driving rip currents and rough surf" up most of the East Coast. 

In response to the threat, tropical-storm warnings were posted along the Rhode Island and Massachusetts coasts. Jose will bring heavy rain as it passes the states on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

"We don't want to let our guard down," Miller said. "But the consensus is that the storm keeps off the coast, maybe significantly off the coast."

Pray for the Carribean countries being battered during this hurricane season. Also, pray that the storm continues to spare the United States. 

In other news, conflict with North Korea seems to have reached a boiling point. President Trump has offered an ultimatum to the combative country. 

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