Where Should Trump Donate His Salary? Spicer Asks Journalists

March 13, 2017Mar 13, 2017

The press has been criticizing President Trump lately for not specifying yet where his entire salary will be donated to.

This is what happens you promise Democrats that you’re going to give a gift you have no obligation to give.

Monday afternoon during the daily White House Press Conference, press secretary Sean Spicer answered the mainstream media’s question on Trump’s salary.

A journalist asked, “Has President Trump donated his paycheck from the month of February, like he promised to do during the campaign?”

Spicer replied, “The president’s intention right now is to donate his salary at the end of the year. And he has kindly asked that you all determine where that goes. The way that we can avoid scrutiny is to let the press corp. determine where it should go.”

The journalists in the room laughed.

Spicer continued, “In all seriousness, I think his view is he made a pledge to the American people, and he wants to donate it to charity. And he’d love your help to determine where it should go.”

“Might I suggest the [White House] Correspondents’ Association for scholarships?” the journalist suggested, sparking more laughter from the room. “Journalism scholarship.”

“That’d be a great way to do it,” Spicer replied with a straight face.

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