Where Have You Gone, Fiorina? Carly Plummets In Polls

October 22, 2015Oct 22, 2015

Carly had her moment in the sun when she caught the nation's attention during the last CNN Republican debate, but now her media attention and polling numbers have sunk into deep shadows.

According to a CNN poll Tuesday, the former Hewlett-Packard executive, who has always ranked significantly lower than Donald Trump (27%), has now been eclipsed by Ben Carson (22%), Jeb Bush (8%), Marco Rubio (8%), Mike Huckabee (5%), and Rand Paul (5%) and is sharing the dim light of 4 percentage points with Chris Christie and Ted Cruz.

Why did Fiorina fall so far and so quickly?


CNN claims it was her focus on the Planned Parenthood videos that they say don't have all the gruesome details she described.

Dick Morris in The Hill claims it's because the conservative base doesn't see her as conservative enough.

The Atlantic says her polling numbers surge in debates but have dropped in the long span of time since the last debate. She's also not saying as many controversial things as Trump and Carson to gain attention and lacks their charisma.

Breitbart points out the boost from her debate performances as well.

Fortunately for Fiorina, she's been included in the field of 10 candidates for the CNBC debate next Wednesday, along with Trump, Carson, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, Huckabee, Christie, Kasich, and Paul.

Why do you think she's down in the polls?