Where does your state rank in employee happiness? Find out HERE

September 21, 2015Sep 21, 2015

Rise and shine! Or drag yourself out of bed and stumble your way grumpily to work.

Which state you live in might have an effect on how much you looked forward to working this morning. A story on AOL Jobs about a new Gallup study reveals the level of employee engagement in each state — in other words, which states have or lack employees who are committed to their company, are motivated to help it succeed, and are working "to better their own sense of well-being."

Montana ranked highest with 39%. Mississippi was second at 37% and Louisiana was 36. On the bottom rung of employee engagement was Washington, D.C., with 22% engagement.


The study also found that companies that have fewer than 10 employees tend to have the highest rates of engaged workers.

Do you feel highly engaged in your job?