Where Winter House’s Jason Cameron Stands With Ex Lindsay Hubbard

Nothing can replace love. Jason CameronHe opened up about his relationship to Lindsay Hubbard after they split following the Bravo star’s miscarriage in summer 2021.

“Lindsay and I are good,” the 35-year-old model exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, April 6, while attending an Urban Skin Rx dinner at Sei Less in New York City to celebrate their men’s line launching at Target. “She’s great people.”

Cameron met Hubbard (also 35), while filming season 1. Winter HouseIn February 2021. The two fell in love instantly and continued to date even after the show was over.

Jason Cameron and Ethan Thompson at the Urban Skin RX Target Men’s Dinner at Sei Less in NYC.
Diego Corredor

During a January episode Summer HouseSeason 6, which was shot in July 2021, Hubbard said that she had suffered a miscarriage while she was dating Cameron. Hubb House PR founder spoke out about her miscarriage to longtime friend (and boyfriend) Carl Radke, telling him that Cameron was “absolutely wonderful” when she told him what had happened.

Cameron spoke out about his feelings about Hubbard’s miscarriage and how he felt. UseHe was impressed with her approach.

“That’s a strong woman to be able to share that kind of information,” he said on Wednesday. “I respect that and I definitely want to be there to support her and anyway she wanted to share that with the world.”

Hubbard, for her part, noted that she wanted to “get through it on [her] own,” later realizing that she would have “absolutely had this child” if there wasn’t a problem with the pregnancy. Hubbard saw a fertility doctor later to get a better idea of her body. She also wanted to know if she should freeze the eggs sooner or later. (She celebrated her egg count with a wild birthday bash on the series.

While things between Cameron and Hubbard fizzled out during summer 2021 — they weren’t exclusive when the publicist headed to the Hamptons with her friends — they have remained on good terms.

“We’ll always have a history, if you will, so at the same time I respect her and everywhere that she’s going or headed,” Cameron told UseWednesday

Following their split, Hubbard moved on with Radke, 37, after having her “Hot Hubbs Summer” during season 6 of the Bravo series. Exclusively confirmed by Loverboy vice president for sales UseAfter months of speculation, Hubbard and he are now dating in January.

“I love Carl too so it’s a great little community that we all have at Bravo,” Cameron said when asked about Hubbard’s new man.

Cameron was asked whether he can see Hubbard marry Radke. Use, “I can [see]Their chemistry is amazing and I wish them every success. I can see it. [happening].”

Cameron was vague about whether fans would see him on season 2. Winter HouseHe was accompanied by Radke and Hubbard, but he suggested that his friendships with the cast remain strong.

“We’re all pretty close. All pretty friendly,” he added. “[We] keep in touch when we’re all in town or catch up when we’re in each other’s town.”

Summer HouseBravo Mondays at 9:59 p.m. ET.

Diana Cooper reports

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