When This Navy Seaman Returned Home, His Wife Had a Surprise for Him

June 30, 2017Jun 30, 2017

Natasha Daugherty from Temecula, California, wanted her pregnancy announcement to be memorable, so she kept it secret for six months. Her husband, Chris, 27, a Navy Seaman, had just deployed a week before when she found out she was expecting their fourth child. 

Natasha, 28, told ABC News, “I took the pregnancy test again and I was like, ‘Oh no way.’ I was excited about it and I emailed him and I told him to call me as soon as he gets a chance but then I thought about it for a few minutes and I was like, ‘You know, this isn’t how I want to tell him – in an email.’”

Instead, Natasha kept her secret, and she took weekly belly photos to document her pregnancy because she didn’t want her husband to miss the pregnancy. But she kept those pictures to herself, and for six months, Natasha made sure her stomach was covered in every photo that Chris saw of her.

On June 23rd, Chris returned from his deployment, and his family met him in San Diego. Again, Natasha made sure she had a sign in front of her stomach, so he couldn’t immediately tell she was pregnant.

“My heart was racing,” she recalled. “I stood back and let the kids run to him. I hung back for a minute, and then he reached into me to give me a hug and then I dropped it. He just stood there in shock. He didn’t know what was going on.”


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