When An LA Woman's Purse Was Swiped, She NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED Who Her Rescuer Would Be

March 28, 2016Mar 28, 2016

When a woman in the northern part of Los Angeles had her purse swiped from her at a fashion mall, she never would have guessed in a million years who her rescuer would be.


According to CBS Los Angeles, an unidentified man heard the woman's cries and sprang to her rescue...on horseback. Despite being in the middle of a busy city, the man on the steed chased the thief around the outside of the mall, cornering him. That's when the terrified thief decided he'd had enough, dropped the purse, and ran.

The horse-riding hero was able to return the woman's purse to her without anything missing before he rode away. Other shoppers were astounded.

"Did this really happen?" asked Natalie Rivera, before turning to the camera and referencing the rescuer, “If you’re taken, she’s very lucky, but if you’re not … call me!”