When A Farmer Dying Of Cancer Needed Help With Harvest, The Community Did THIS For Him

October 10, 2015Oct 10, 2015

If there's something that could characterize the heartland of American, it's a tendency for good, hardworking people to pull together to help others out that would.

According to Today, when cancer-stricken Carl Bates of Gava, Illinois, needed help reaping his harvest, his neighbors did just that.

The family of Bates, whose illness is terminal, looked for help from a couple nearby farmers, but around 40 people showed up with 10 combines and 16 semi trucks to get everything harvested. A couple businesses even helped supply the volunteers.

With such a big workforce, a week's worth of harvesting the 450 acres was completed in just 10 hours.

Bates commented, "One of the things we've noticed is how great it is to see people help each other for a change as opposed to all the bad news stories out there. With all the kind thoughts and prayers, it's been very humbling and heartfelt and has meant a lot to the family. We are all dumbfounded that this story has traveled so far and done so much."

Do you have a story of neighbors helping neighbors like this one?