What You Don't Know About Ted Cruz's Marriage

February 03, 2016Feb 03, 2016


It's always so interesting to learn about a candidate's marriage. You know, there's the person in front of the screen--the one the media does a caricature on--and there's the real person.  The one the spouse sees.  And though the Cruz's have been through a lot, their commitment, love, and mutual respect have kept them together.

Here are 3 things you may not know about Ted and Heidi Cruz's marriage. 

1) They met working on Bush's campaign, and he asked her out within 2 days. The Washington Post reports of Heidi's arrival on the Bush campaign, "When Heidi showed up, many of the single men in the office noticed. Cruz elbowed the others away and took her out to dinner two days after they met." Marc Lampkin, a colleague on that campaign, recalls, “Ted is an intense one-on-one guy. I remember him always very intensely listening, intensely questioning, extracting every bit of her.”

2) They spent the first 7 years of marriage living mostly apart. After being married for a couple years, Ted Cruz grew frustrated with his job in DC. He wanted more and so he moved to Austin to pursue the Texas solicitor general position. Heidi had a good job in DC, and Ted encouraged her to stay.  This meant long weekend commutes, late-night phone calls, and a lot of stress on the relationship.  Heidi fell into depression during those years and even had an incident of walking late at night onto a highway on-ramp, with a cop pulling her over and deeming her a "danger to herself." But the couple pulled through, with Ted encouraging her from afar to find help. Finally in 2010, the Cruz family got to live together in Houston. 

3) Heidi's no shlump either. In the midst of Ted's rise in politics, Heidi has built an incredible resume of her own, running the Treasury Department’s Latin American desk; working for Condoleezza Rice; then going into investment banking, managing millionaires' money at Goldman Sach's. The Washington Post reports, "She worked all the time and often slept only four hours per night; Cruz said Heidi was on her BlackBerry while in labor with the first of their daughters, in 2008." She's currently on unpaid leave from her Sach's position while she campaigns with Ted.


Throughout their often difficult marriage, the Cruz's have maintained a devotion to each other and to their ambition. It seems to be paying off right now, as Cruz has won the first caucus.  Their mutual respect is seen in their public appearances. At a recent event, Heidi introduced her husband this way: “So I am very proud to introduce to you not only the most brilliant and principled man on the stage, but also a man with a big heart, with a lot of love, who cares deeply about this country."

And he, in turn, said, "“Let me say something. Isn’t Heidi going to make an extraordinary first lady of the United States?”

We think that is very possible! How about you? What do you think of the interesting facts of the Cruz marriage? Do you think they would make a good family in the White House? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!