What Willie Robertson Thinks About Bobby Jindal And Donald Trump

July 30, 2015Jul 30, 2015

“He’s a great guy, A Christian man, smart guy, always there, Willie said during an interview on Fox News when being asked about Louisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Bobby Jindal.

When asked if he endorses Jindal for president, Willie said, “I do.  We talk a lot, and I like what he stands for and where he’s at”. 

Willie wouldn’t unequivocally say that Jindal was the best candidate but that “Bobby is the best candidate that I know, because I know him personally.”  But he admits and rightfully so that he’s still listening to the other candidates, “We’ll see how it goes”.

Questioned about Donald Trump, The Duck Commander CEO said, “I think Trump’s laying it out there.  He’s definitely appealing to a lot of people”.  He is also amused by some of Trumps antics, “When he dropped the cell phone number (Lindsey Graham’s cell phone), that’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life”.

Willie is quick to clarify that sometimes he disagrees with Trump’s statements, especially the comments Trump made about John McCain.

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