What Will Happen If Tad Cummins Doesn’t Refill Meds During Flight From Justice?

April 17, 2017Apr 17, 2017

Almost 5 weeks have passed since 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas went missing from Tennessee with her former teacher and suspected pedophile Tad Cummins.

Now authorities, who are conducting a nationwide manhunt, are wondering if Tad will make a reappearance as his prescription medication runs out.

Also, Tad’s wife and daughters are now speaking out:

It is not known if Elizabeth went with Tad willingly or is still willingly fleeing with him, but, authorities consider her to be in great danger and in need of rescue.

Elizabeth is a 15-year-old white female with blonde hair that may be red now. She has hazel eyes, is five feet tall, and weighs about 120 pounds.

Tad is a 50-year-old white male with gray and black hair that may be dyed black. He was last seen with a mustache, goatee, and dark-rimmed glasses. He has brown eyes, is six feet tall, and weighs about 200 pounds.

If you spot them, please call 911. Tad is believed to be in possession of multiple firearms.

Please continue to pray for Elizabeth’s rescue!