What Was In Hillary Clinton’s Ear During Last Night’s Presidential Forum? You Be The Judge…

September 08, 2016Sep 08, 2016

As polling numbers stream in from last night's Presidential Forum, Donald Trump appears to have a substantial victory on winning last night's Q and A.  However, the biggest story regarding the evening came from Actor James Woods, who simply tweeted "Earpiece?" along with a photo that appears to show a flesh colored, reflective implant in Hillary Clinton's left ear.


The Clinton campaign denies that the former First Lady wore any device in her ear, which would have aided her in answering questions. If true it wouldn't be the first time we have seen the Democratic nominee play outside the rules. There was also speculation that some of her long pauses were in part due to Hillary waiting on cues from an unknown helper, feeding her tips and key words in her ear.  

Stage actors have long used such implant devices to recite forgotten lines and keep the showing moving.  However, when answering questions in a forum about why you should be the Commander-In-Chief, receiving help from a  "little bird" hardly seems to be appropriate. Below is a higher resolution picture of the ear device.


As we wait for more information to unfold, we are left with one question for the former Senator: "Can you hear me now, Hillary"?