What Viriginia's Governor Just Did Could Hurt Every Christian With A Job

January 11, 2017Jan 11, 2017

As you well have seen, what happens in one state affects the rest of the country. It's like what you see happen with siblings: if one starts to do something, the others follow suit.

It can have a positive impact or a negative one. And in this case, it could definitely be a negative one. Just last week, Franklin Graham warned about Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.


Now the governor has gone and done something else that opposes God. McAuliffe has just mandated that only pro-LGBT companies will receive government contracts, reports the Christian Post.

"It is hereby ordered as the policy of the Executive Branch that it will only contract with those who abide by the non-discrimination policies set forward in Executive Order 1 (2014), namely that discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, political affiliation, disability, or veteran status is prohibited," read the order.

And McAuliffe wants it to apply not only to all business owners, but to all employees as well.  "I also believe that that should apply to the employees of any contractor doing business here in the commonwealth of Virginia," he said.

Now while that may sound all fine and fair, it's not. What it really means is this, says Family Foundation of Virginia's president Victoria Cobb:

"In essence, the Governor is saying that you can't do business with the state unless you allow men into women's bathrooms and fully embrace the administration's view that there are no distinctions between male and female, as well as its definition of marriage."

Cobb called the governor's mandate an "unconstitutional act of intimidation and bullying of businesses and charities." He warned, "This affects hundreds of entities that provide goods and services to or on behalf of the state, including many churches, charities, and other faith-based institutions."

So, to bring it home, this would be a possible example of how this bill would hurt Christians: "Joe Christian," construction company owner, bids for a government building. He mainly gets government building jobs to provide income.

But now, the government finds out that "Joe Christian" has separate gender restrooms for his employees and doesn't feel comfortable letting men use the women's restroom. He would now be ineligible for the bid.

It could even apply to a more ideological level. Say the government finds out that "Joe Christian" (or even one of his employees) doesn't believe that we live in a gender-fluid society--that, instead, there are real distinctions between male and female.

The government could call this discrimination and refuse employment.

Unfortunately, this isn't some far off scenario that we are thinking will never happen in America. It just did, in Virginia.

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