What Trump Said About Obama's Deal With Iran: "This Is Amateur Night"

July 20, 2015Jul 20, 2015

In this candid interview with Sean Hannity, presidential hopeful Donald Trump says exactly what's wrong with Obama's recent deal with Iran.



Trump called the deal "a disgrace" and that it was made by "amateurs".  Trump and Hannity discussed what is wrong with the deal:

 * We have to ask permission 24 days in advance to go inspect the nuclear facilities and see if Iran is honoring the deal.  We can only engage in the inspections if Iran approves them.

*  We didn't ask for our 4 prisoners back because Obama was afraid asking for the release of our citizens would have prompted Iran to ask for more in return.  "It's almost like they (Iran) are taunting us by keeping the prisoners"

*  Iran will be getting billions of dollars from the deal and still able to make nuclear weapons at the end of the term.

*  It's a potentially catastrophic deal for Israel.

 Here is what Trump says he would have done differently:

*  He would have had Iran pursue the U.S. for a deal instead of the other way around.

*  He would have gotten our 4 prisoners back before negotiating.

*  He would have doubled or tripled the sanctions on Iran if they didn't meet the demands.

Do you agree?  What do you think of the Iran deal?  Do you think it was a good idea?  We would love to hear your thoughts!