What ‘The View’ Just Said About Trump, Melania Is Worse Than Ever

March 14, 2017Mar 14, 2017

The largely liberal discussion panel of “The View” has said plenty of negative things against President Trump, but their newest attack is worse than ever.

Tuesday morning after discussing why Melania appeared to frown after Trump spoke to her during his swearing-in ceremony, co-host Joy Behar concluded that the president absolutely “said something to her to cause her to just be upset. That’s obvious to anybody.”

“What do you think their relationship is like?” Behar asked.

“Is she suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?” she said, referencing cases where kidnapping victims, over time, develop a trust and affection for their captors. “He’s got her as like a hostage up in this Trump Tower over here. She’s like Rapunzel. Let down your hair, Melania!”

The studio audience roared with mocking laughter.

“There are people that truly believe that they are in love. There are people.” said Sunny Hostin, with an expression on her face that made it clear she thought that notion was rare and strange.

“Just compare them to the Obamas,” Behar injected, “who really looked like they loved each other. I don’t believe these two.”

“I don’t buy it!” Behar concluded to the cheering audience.

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