What Phil Robertson Just Said Has Liberal Feminists FUMING!

March 01, 2016Mar 01, 2016

It's no surprise that many liberals detest the politically incorrect things that "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has to say, especially when it comes to his denunciation of the homosexual lifestyle. But they really seemed to be digging deep to find something offensive when they recently condemned Phil's critical words toward...subdivision girls.

According to Christianity Today, Phil sent some feminist critics reeling when, on a recent episode of "Duck Dynasty," he made comments during a family frog-hunting competition.

As scenes of the Robertson wives hunting frogs played on the screen, Phil said dryly, "There's a lot of women out there running around Louisiana that can fire the boat up and let's get it. But this particular crop of Robertson women — they don't fit into that category. Trust me, these subdivision girls. These not swamp girls. It's kind of the way America is going these days."

Writing for She Knows, Mckenna Bailey seemed aghast at Phil's words about the Robertson wives, exclaiming, "He wasn't saying they were outstanding businesswomen, supportive mothers or adoring wives. He decided their value as human beings was determined solely by their ability to catch frogs at night."

While most "Duck Dynasty" fans probably found the Phil's words as funny and expected as ever with his down-to-earth sense of humor, Bailey didn't seem to understand it, writing, "I know that he’s from an older generation and probably isn’t interested in expanding his mind to consider the feelings of people other than fellow straight men, but it seems like A&E could take some accountability here and edit out these offensive comments."

A glance-over of the comments on Bailey's story showed the majority of them in favor of Phil's words comparison of city girls and country girls, including Asher Lev who said, "Guess what? People who reside and grow up in rural areas are different from those who reside and grow up in metropolitan areas. Men or women... They are different. How you read 'offense' into that is beyond me."

Do you agree?

Watch Phil's frog-hunting segment below: