What Percentage Of Parents Oppose Obama's Bathroom Bill? The Results Are SHOCKING

May 18, 2016May 18, 2016

If you walked in on your kid being exposed to someone of the opposite sex's genitalia at a childcare facility, what would you do? You'd probably pull your child out immediately and contact the police. And that would be the normal, appropriate response. However, things are so confused today in America that the government (and many others) are lobbying for that same thing to happen to children as young as elementary. 


In light of Obama's recent mandate that schools allow boys and girls to share bathrooms and locker rooms, a poll asked parents what they thought. Shockingly, the results weren't more unanimous.  You would think with something as important and clear-cut as their children's safety, privacy, and sense of self, more parents would have said "no way" to Obama's edict.

However, only 55% of parents with elementary or secondary school aged children are against the bathroom bill, reports The Christian Post. 32% are in favor, and 13% are unsure. That means, if you had 10 parents with kids in elementary school or junior high together in a room and asked them, "Which of you would be ok with someone of the opposite sex coming in your son or daughter's school shower and showering alongside of them?", 3 of them would say ok and 1 would say, "I'm not sure."

That's nuts! While it is encouraging that the majority is against Obama's bathroom bill, it is such a narrow majority! This just goes to show how much America has been brainwashed into thinking that "tolerance" and political correctness are above all else--even their own children's safety.

We need to pray that God will spare our children from harm and confusion and guide us back to Him! Do you agree? What do you think of the poll results? Are you surprised? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!