What Percent of Republicans Support Trump on Muslim Immigration?

December 10, 2015Dec 10, 2015

What percent of Republicans support Donald Trump in his position that Muslim immigration should be halted until our government gets on top of what is going on?

To hear the mainstream liberal media report it, you would think that almost everyone in the country -- and the world -- is opposed to Trump's plan.  But the actual facts are quite different when it comes to likely Republican voters.

According to a new Bloomberg poll, an amazing 65% of likely Republican primary voters favor Trump's call to halt temporarily Muslims from entering the US.  This is directly contrary to the media which would have us all believe that everyone opposes the plan.  About a third of those surveyed said Trump's plan makes it more likely -- not less -- that they would support him.

Whether you support Trump or not, he is tapping into a nerve of high levels of concern about the threat of Muslim terrorism.  So the next time you hear the mainstream media say something, don't always believe it!