What No One Is Reporting About The Cruz, Carson, Trump Fight And What It’s Costing Republicans

February 04, 2016Feb 04, 2016

When a Ted Cruz campaign staffer promoted the CNN story that Ben Carson was going to return home to Florida take a break from the campaign trail, Cruz’s opponents smelled an opportunity.  Naturally, the frontrunner of any political race is subject to the harshest scrutiny.

The vitriol between the two top contenders for the Republican crown has risen to intense levels.  Donald Trump tweeted out that Cruz “stole” the victory in Iowa and demanded that all of Iowa re-cast their votes.  Cruz brushed aside Trump’s attacks as just another “Trumper tantrum” and said that Trump’s “reaction to everything is to throw a fit.”

Ben Carson continues to try and dig himself out of 4th place.  He called for the Cruz staffer to be fired and admonished Cruz by quoting from the bible.  “By their fruit you will know them,” Carson said, implying that the theater surrounding the political season is a reflection of the candidates themselves.

According to Fox News, Cruz apologized to Carson for his staffer’s error and pointed to the CNN story that started the whole thing.  “Unfortunately, they did not then forward the subsequent story, that was Ben’s campaign clarifying that he was continuing the campaign and was not canceling the campaign.  And so I apologize to Ben for theat.  They should have forwarded that subsequent story.  That was a mistake on our part.”  Carson accepted the apology but still wants the staffer’s job.

While the top Republican candidates continue to cannibalize the party over these minor accusations, CNN tried to distance themselves from their initial reporting on the status of Ben Carson’s campaign.

The real story that no one is catching on to is that the liberal media started and promoted the false story and then sat back and watched as the Republicans used it against each other.  They created a wedge to further disillusion Republican voters against their party and candidates.

Republicans and Conservatives need to be able to see through such cheap tricks and focus on the real issue:  making sure that neither Hillary or Bernie wins the presidency.  If another liberal takes office, conservative values will suffer more irreparable damage.

Despite the attacks that the Republican candidates have launched against each other thinking that it will gain them favor; the real focus should be on the liberal agenda that the Democrats will force onto this country if they were to win the White House.

Any one of the 9 Republican candidates that still remain in the race would make a far better president than what the Democratic party has to offer.

Would you for once rather hear what each candidate plans to do to make this country better instead of hearing them attack each other?