What Nancy Reagan's Children Said About Her Following Her Death

March 07, 2016Mar 07, 2016

Devoted, hard-working, and gracious former First Lady Nancy Reagan died Sunday morning at 94. She was preceded in death by President Ronald Reagan and stepdaughter Maureen Reagan. She leaves behind children Patricia Ann Reagan (Patti Davis), Ronald Jr., and stepson Michael.


Here's what her surviving children said about their mother's passing:
PATRICIA ANN: On her website, Patti wrote, "I appreciate the attention and prayers of people I will probably never meet. Just as when my father died, there is comfort in feeling surrounded by gentle thoughts and kind wishes, often sent out by strangers. And just as when my father died, we will honor my mother publicly — stand on the public stage and share as much as we can. Then, when that is completed, we’ll draw the circle in a little tighter and deal with the often complicated map of personal loss."
RONALD JR.: On the Today show, Ron Jr. said, “Nancy Reagan was a woman who was totally dedicated to her husband, and I know that that sounds anti-feminist, but I don’t really mean it in that way. She loved her husband more than anything in the world, and I think that you could make the case that the Ronald Reagan that we all came to know as president would not have existed without Nancy Reagan. He wrote her letters all her life, all his life. They were in love, and they stayed in love for 52 some-odd years.”
MICHAEL: On Twitter, Michael wrote, "Nancy is where she has always wanted to be with her Ronnie. Now she is at peace."

According to CNN, Nancy Reagan will lie in repose Wednesday and Thursday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Her funeral will begin 11 a.m. PST Friday, where she will be buried there next to her husband.