What Made Ronald Reagan So Great as a President?

January 12, 2016Jan 12, 2016

Ronald Reagan is counted as one of America's greatest Presidents. He took over the Presidency at a time of high inflation, a lack of confidence, a crisis in Iran, a poor economy, and in the height of the Cold War.

8 years later the Cold War was over and we had won! Our economy was booming; the national confidence was high; and it was "morning in America." He won re-election in 1984 while winning every state but one.

There were many secrets to his success. Here are, in our view, a few of them.
1) He had faith in God and in America.
2) He managed to stay positive 95%+ of the time!
3) He stayed true to his convictions.
4) He was willing to speak truth to power ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!")
5) He had a sense of humor ("I am not willing to exploit for political gain my opponent's youth or inexperience.")
6) He was a strong conservative.
7) He lowered taxes.
8) He was pro-life.

We need Ronald Reagan again today.