What Made Missy Robertson Doubt God?

November 27, 2015Nov 27, 2015

Adversity can build faith when you depend on God, even when seeing a young child go through physical hardships.

The lesson became true to Jase and Missy Robertson, stars of "Duck Dynasty," as they went through numerous health battles with their daughter Mia. But it took time for Missy's faith to mature.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she admits, "I did question God at the beginning like, 'Wait a minute, what just happened here? I thought I'm one of your children. You're not supposed to leave me. Did you turn your back for just a second and get disoriented or distracted with someone else's problems and forget about me for a second?'"


In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Jace and Missy outline Mia's frightening health conditions and how they have learned the power of prayer:

1. During Missy's pregnancy, a blood condition in Mia put the odds of the baby's survival not in her favor. But after much prayer and an army of prayer warriors, doctors were baffled when the blood condition ceased to exist.
2. Mia's severe overbite was going to require her to wear orthodontic headgear before enduring a difficult surgery and a halo drilled into her skull. Jase and Missy prayed, and doctors were amazed again when the headgear alone corrected most of the overbite. Before the surgery was needed to correct the rest, doctors revealed to Mia's parents that new technology had made it unnecessary.
3. Now Jase and Missy are working on treatments for Mia's cleft lip and palate. Missy's new book "Blessed, Blessed...Blessed" speaks of her continued journey through prayer.

Paraphrasing Romans 5:3-4, Missy reminds us that "Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character produces hope."

What have you learned through suffering and the power of relying on God?